Media: ink, marker & PS
finished: May 2009

Glasses (+later uniform/season) themed comic anthology with amazing original stories by Artemis, Saicoink, Wai & myself! There is a total of 80pages! The book is entirely handbound and has tri-coloured silkscreened covers by Koko! She did an amazing job putting this book together! The stories in the book are all super loving and cute! I hope that the other authors feel inspired to do more work with the characters in this book! I know I do! It is always great working with this group! They're so coooollll!

I did a 24 page story about 2 sneaker obsessed boys! One of the few non-crack stories that I have done. I'm nervous about the outcome, but I hope that people will still enjoy the story! I was very sleep deprived when drawing the story! I got rid of a page that already had the panels outlined because I ran out of time! I had to flip back and forth between pages to (attempt to) stay consistent with clothing details. Thinking of sneakers makes me EYE ROLL now. Compared to my other comics, I didn't do as much reinking for line width variation. Go go black flood fill!!!
As usual, Ogata & Koko made us go off topic when we discussed book title & circle name! Did I mention that we (creators) all wear GLASSES TOO? OH HOH OH OHOHOHO~!
This book made its debut at Anime North 2009! Thank you to everyone who got a copy!! My freetalk in this book is very long (again) so I'll end the comments here!

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