Continuing the OC meme, Piab asked me to draw Jorge from her wonderful webcomic, Café Amargo!

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WIP below

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Thank you to "auto color" in photoshop for helping me land on a better version of this picture for Piab...!

Today's music post: Blue Moon by David Tao / 沙灘 by 陶喆. I only know about this song because of a cover that was on one of those talent shows. IDK why the official english title of the song doesn't match the words in Mandarin...?

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The game is out at It's a visual novel game where u try to become friends w/ older men (and more) for potentially unsavoury reasons. Includes:

  • Relationship building/romance
  • Animals + weirdness
  • Voice acting (not levelled in v1)
  • 9 differen't endings
  • Background/sounds

It was a lot of hard work to do in 2 months for YaoiJam 2018. I am shocked I got anything done, so there is some level of pride in the work that I put into it, even if it's a really short game! There was so much scope creep, and I am grateful for all the support and contributions from people in my social network. I am truly humbled that people were willing to contribute to this silly game of mine! The people participating/following the jam were also very positive and supportive. It was a great feeling.

I hadn't coloured on computer in so long, but there was so much drawing/colouring to be done for this game. I learned a lot about asset making, writing management, programming (where indentation matters a lot), and all that jazz. I would love to share all of that some day, maybe after I recover from this jam!! I am really impressed at how powerful Renpy is as a tool, so much potential!

I'm excited to go back to comics though; I think I'm more comfortable telling singular narratives, rather than branching ones.

It's a milestone! Today I was born, and I also birthed a game. Cool!

It has been a while since I last freetalked. I wasn't at home much during May.TCAF came and went, and I flew around for work. Overall TCAF was great, and if you weren't able to go yourself, everything can also be found online at!

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Next big item is that I'm going tro try to make a game for yaoijam 2018 (good timing with June pride month!)! You can peep some early details on itch.

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All the characters are past comic characters recycled into AU. Fung and Sunny are from Tied (in Martial Spirit), Ceilic is from Are you a Knight? and Struggle, and Alain is from Expired Seafood 1.

There was a part of me that is excited to dabble in a bit of everything (programming, ui/ux, logo design, etc.) but as I got into it, it's all proving to be A LOT OF WORK especially in the narrow timeframe of the actual jam itself. If I am anti-social for a while, you will understand why...I'm actually still unsure as to what the plot will be, but I have some ideas for mechanics that might be beyond my abilities. The game is just suppose to be thirsty and trashy, but I can't always bring myself to go full on PWP. I will do my best to insert some fun bendy animal secrets into it as well, EHEHEHEHEHE (my true interest).

After the game, I hope to get back into working on my webcomic.

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I sometimes get really into observing my planted tank and shrimp. Here's a compilation of recent photos!Image description

To take these photos I'm just using a clip-on macro lens on my cellphone camera. It is pretty hit and miss, but I'm glad to have some photos stored to look at my tank growth and progress!

My left arm has been in pain for the past while, and I've been having insomnia as well. IDK what the cause of all of it is, but hopefully it subsides soon. Body is aging and aching...

Today's music post: Symphony No. 5 by Sibelius, conducted by Leonard Bernstein,performed by Vienna Philharmonic. I went to hear Sibelius's Symphony No. 5 performed at the TSO last weekend. The most interesting parts to me were the swan-inspired wing fluttering emmulated by the cello (?I assume?) bows knocking against the strings. Another interesting read here, here, and here.

Here's a bonus sad swan song called Olim lacus colueram/Once I swam in lakes, which is 1/25 of Carl Orff's Carmina Burana movements. The song is meant to be sung by a tenor in falsetto (haha). The song lyrics are BIG MOOD.

I got really into looking at hanfu-inspired modern fashion this week... which led me back to drawing these wuxia characters again from Martial Spirit!

Ming Ming and Bak... Image description

Suen Hong Sun and Li Fung

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I accidentally scanned the watercoloured version in BITMAP mode, and it... maybe looks better than the final versions...??

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My only regret is not having good enough calligraphy skills to put some text on the righthand side. There's also a timelapse video here!

Today's music post: Big Marvel's cover of Africa by Toto. His videos always make me laugh because they're ridiculous but his face is so deadpan. This video also has a bonus chicken in it, on top of the usual rubber chicken. He is actually very talented (vocals and instruments), so check his other videos out too