Not ready for to actually draw the aforementioned comic, so here are some scenes for now!

Jake really likes to go to the aquarium, so he dragged Austin to go too. Austin's favourite past time is camping/hiking (always loving nature).

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Image description

WIP photos. The aquarium one is loosely inspired by my trip to Osaka Aquarium, specifically the "central" main stage pacific ocean tank with the whale shark! Originally both colours were going to share the same colour scheme, but it diverged at some point. I outlined the aquarium one with a fineliner because it felt too low contrast, but then I immediately regretted that decision.

I probably could have done more work to define shapes and increase contrast, but as soon as I rip the painter's tape off, it's over!

Inaccurate colour scans.

I was listening to this 80s remix of Ariane Grande's "Into You" on repeat... too catchy! I don't even know what the original sounds like!

I was on a long flight with no in-flight entertainment, so I continued to plot out a longer-form comic that I hope to slowly release online mid 2018. I feel adverse to the idea of doing weekly updates, so it's more likely that it will be chapter releases every couple months. It will be titled Here We Are. I have 8+ chapters outlined thus far!

The idea for the comic is neither epic or particulalry interesting; it starts with the relationship between Jake and Austin from FujoSports/Expired Seafood: Tied Up, and may eventually branch out from there. Not unlike my other comics, it is really all about the feelings that people experience in every day life.

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The name inspiration comes from Gloria Estefan's Here We Are.

Finished and submitted the comic for the next Love Love Hill zine, Love Love Heels! It's a pretty short story compared to what I usually cook up.

(Cover WIP here)

Thumbnails in notebook

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Larger thumbnails in fire alpaca

Image description

Inking in fire alpaca

Image description

Photoshop bitmap tones and test prints (600dpi, 70lpi round)

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Please look forward to the comic in the fall!

I acquired a bunch of moleskine cahiers for free. I have a lot of assorted field notes and other things as well. I have so many unused/half used notebooks and sketchbooks in my place.

I've always struggled to find a note keeping system that works for me. I struggle primarily because I often capture my thoughts electronically and on paper, so the lack of crosstalk/consolidation across these channels makes it hard for there to be "one place for everything". Aside from that, I also have a desire to keep work-related things physically separate from my personal notes, yet I want to be able to access and write in both categories of notes, iregardless of where I am.

Inspired by some of my staionery-loving friends and the Midori traveler's notebooks, I thought about make a DIY cover that could fit at least 2 booklets. One booklet could be for work-related matters, while another could be for personal matters. Then I can swap them in/out when one gets full, or really, whenever I want.

This is a prototype! I bought a scrap piece of leather for $3, and the elastic cord was 69 cents a yard at Designer Fabrics. The leather piece I bought can make at least 3 covers total, so definitely affordable. The only thing that I didn't have that would be nice, was a leather punch or some way to make nice round holes in the leather piece. I ended up just cutting crosshairs in the leather to get the thread through.

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Many lessons learned! I've already started on the next journal cover, and hopefully that will be a bit more polished. Overall it was a very simple project. I left a fold-over edge on mine to keep the paper edges "extra" protected, but it also doubled as a pen holder!

Tutorials that I found helpful are listed below:

Love Love Hill's next zine is the older lady counterpart of Expired Seafood! I'm drawing a quick short story for it, featuring the characters below. Big thanks to Papermaiden for planting the seed and inspired this story.

One of the characters above originally appeared in the Expired Seafood 1 anthology...!!!!!

We are going to debut it at Lake's International Comic Festival happening October 13-15 in Kendal (UK)!

Stay tuned!!

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We had a 1-hour watercolour session over lunch. Here's an unplanned bugslu illustration! You can learn more about Bugslu if you read the Around the Bend zine :).

Image description

Through discussion with my colleagues, we found out many interesting new facts about Bugslu, such as:

  • It uses an echoing microphone to amplify its voice
  • It can speak english...
  • It is very wise and long-lived