Been drawing OCs in firealpaca with lazy colouring! Why do I love glasses but am not very good at drawing them (cry).

Image description Image description

After doing the first couple, I realized I had an overabundance of male characters, so I gotta work on fleshing out the non-male characters more and try to carve out roles for them that occupy a larger piece of the pie. I don't know why I ended up with so many dude characters. I also want to do more research/reading on different cultural backgrounds to better capture their upbringings! This is why it's going to take me forever to draw a comic, haha. How do you balance the notion of "just make a thing" vs "take time to research the thing but get really deep into research"?

Miitomo service is ending... so for prosperity, I am uploading some of my amazing miitomo outit! Image description Image description Image description Image description Image description

Today's music post: Hey You by Cyndi Seui. Always get energy and positive vibes from his music!

Did another comic jam with Ben! We have coined our comic jams to be called JUJAMIN because it merges both of our names, haha.

These comics got really weird really fast, as... expected?

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I will always insert animals into comics... raccoons are so cute. Pumpkin is one of my favourite raccoons to follow!

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Hello Kitty is still really popular but I never really got into her as a character. I was more into Pochacco, but in hindsight, I'm not sure what the appeal of Pochacco was either. Apparently there are some truths to this story in relation to Ben's wife. The specific snacks drawn in one of the panels are fish strips and fish sausage.

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This story came about because we were chatting about the cross-canada train ride (aka the scenic route across Canada). Then it turned dark and violent, and of course, shameless insertion and plug for Super Life on the Hill.

I spent a bunch of time redoing my website at! I took down a lot of my old drawings but put up some old comics. I'm still keeping this freetalk blog here though hehe. I've also been working on an OC page for myself and drawing profile pics for that.

Today's music post: Finesse (Remix) by Bruno Mars Feat. Cardi B. There's a part of my musical tastes that loves 90s sounding music, so this is such a great throwback!

It has been a while since my last post. I recently had the pleasure of hanging out with fellow comic artist and game maker Ben Rivers to chat about comic creation process, as well as to do a quick comic jam! It was interesting to see his process and working documents (script writing, thumbnailing, etc.) and how regimented his process was. Something that I can definitely aspire to! Check out his games Alone With You and Home, both of which I've played and enjoyed, as well as his comic Snow! Honestly too prolific...

Here are the reasons of the jam: Image description

Image description

One thing that I flagged about my own process is that I should probably slow down, do more research, and take more time to think through character actions, personalities, motivations, voices, etc. I think this is especially true for longer form comics that are primarily character driven. I'm starting to build those frameworks now, but it's nice to have starting points from the internet! I recently retook a personality test and got ISTP-A (Virtuoso), which is different from my INTJ result from a couple of years ago.

Since I changed my home desk to be a stand desk, I have been very unmotivated to stay on the computer (haha) and have been doing a lot more analog writing in a Leuchtturm1917. Today I just finished writing the first drafts of 8 chapters of Here We Are, half with a wine coloured felt tip pen, and half with a TWSBI Eco with stub nib in Absolute Brown Waterman ink. Such an enjoyable experience!

Although this comic will have zero readership, I'm stil feeling pretty excited about getting started on it! I'm also feeling jazzed that I can start to link all my modern-day OCs together in a world, even if they're all living individual lives.

Oh, and Love Love Hill got into Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2018, so looking forward to seeing all you comic lover/readers on May 12-13 2018!

Today's music post: Show You the Way by Thundercat (feat. Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins). There is also a live version here. I am a big fan of Kenny and Michael's previous collaboration This Is It, so I am delighted to hear their voices tripleted up with Thundercat's voice and instrumentals!!!

I wanted to draw a holiday picture for Love Love Hill, so I drew a CHOW CHOW because 2018 is year of the dog! I follow chows online and everytime I see their photos come up on my feed, my heart swells up to 2x its original size. I've seen a lot of chows wear bibs too, and it is just TOO PERFECT!

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Here is the final version! I haven't tried this salt-in-watercolour trick since elementary school, ha!

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Here are some good chows to follow:

Today's music post: Monkey Bath by Floex

Today I'm feeling a little bit sad because I perhaps had the ability to change a situation, but now it's too late. Whatever was there, is now lost. I know that beating myself up over it isn't going to help in the long run, but hopefully the self-reflection can help prevent losses from happening in the future.

For the past few weeks my drawing hand gets numb whenever I use my computer at home (sit desk). It doesn't seem to happen when I'm using the mouse as work (stand desk). I'm not really sure what's going on, but I suspect it's a pinched nerve somewhere else in my body that is causing this. Will be asking a RMT about it tomorrow!

As a result, I haven't really been drawing much at all, especially not at the computer.

Here's a picture I drew of my holiday party outfit this year. Most people assumed that I was going to wear a bag dress (as usual), so I decided to SHAKE THINGS UP and go with a full menswear-inspired outfit, inspired by cool people like Esther Quek from older-era, DapperQ, and of course, Janelle Monae.

I came pretty close to replicating this drawing IRL, save for a few things:

  • Didn't find a knitted tie in time...
  • Opted out of the flower pin for a pocket square instead! Well, the pocket square was just a piece of scrap fabric
  • My tie bar was a bobby pin, ha! SO CHEAP!

Image description

Oh, I drew my own hair part wrong. Everything is mirrored...

Image description

A while back, I also drew some stuff to get embroidered on to a varsity jacket! I'm really happy with how it all turned out! Everything on the jacket was designed to represent some aspect of myself, so it is very personal. Kudos if you can figure out how everything is linked to me...!

Image description

I also sewed on the Love Love Hill patch and put on Saicoink and Wai's pins.

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Today's music post: Grand Poppa by ZAMAGI chill japanese hip hop!