Chow chows are very good friends

I wanted to draw a holiday picture for Love Love Hill, so I drew a CHOW CHOW because 2018 is year of the dog! I follow chows online and everytime I see their photos come up on my feed, my heart swells up to 2x its original size. I've seen a lot of chows wear bibs too, and it is just TOO PERFECT!

Image description

Here is the final version! I haven't tried this salt-in-watercolour trick since elementary school, ha!

Image description

Here are some good chows to follow:

Today's music post: Monkey Bath by Floex

Today I'm feeling a little bit sad because I perhaps had the ability to change a situation, but now it's too late. Whatever was there, is now lost. I know that beating myself up over it isn't going to help in the long run, but hopefully the self-reflection can help prevent losses from happening in the future.