Formative games

C.Y.P.H.E.R. Operation Wildlife We had the boxed version of this game growing up. I suspect that a large part of my animal knowledge and love, originates from this game.

Wacky Wheels I always played the Moose names Morris. I'm not sure why...slow and steady? Also played this with my siblings.

Rampage They made a movie out of this, but I played this with my siblings, all three of us on the same keyboard, somehow. I was always Ralph the wolf!

Scorched Earth I remember spending hours shooting holes into the ground.

James Pond I always gravitated to replaying this platformer. I remember there were a lot of cream/sugar/candy-related backgrounds and themes. Even though I loved James Bond for other reasons, I never really made the connection between James Pond and James Bond.

Pastel Muses Another shooter/puzzle game, but with cute animals! I was really good at this game...

Shining Force 1, 2, and 3 (scenario 1) Strategic RPGs with wide cast of characters. This game is likely part of why I love knights and fantasy setting so much. So many hot knights. I liked that you can take your sweet time making decisions and placing your characters, rather than real-time battle. They also had fun animal/creature hybrid-type characters that were secretly powerful. I'd often replay an entire level if it turned out that one of my team members died during battle.

Today's music post: Shining Force II Symphonic Suite by Motoaki Takenouchi. Super nostalgic!

Not really related to anything, but I can't believe that Houshin Engi inspired official street fashion exists!!!!!! Fugen shinjin's outfit is the best looking one IMO. All this reboot merch because of the rebooted anime...they also recompiled the manga with fancy new covers.