Locker room WIP

These are not particularly exciting drawings, but I wanted to practice mixing skin tones with my travel watercolour palette. One thing that I noticed was that my brush is very powerful at soaking up water/pigment, while the metal palette is super hydrophobic. What this means for me is that it makes it very hard to do light washes because any/all colour pigment/water gets sucked up from the palette, into my brush. Anything liquid on the palette just globs into droplets because of surface tension. I might have to use a plastic palette to mix skin tone in the future, or pour water directly into the metal palette.

It's Austin and Jake again, this time in logger sports uniform in the locker room. This picture would make more sense after you read Motivation, Concentration oneshot comic. The theme was more or less, "passing the baton" to the next generation.

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Image description


  • Col-erase 20066 scarlet red
  • Canson XL mixed media paper (7"x 10")
  • Various from Pentel watercolour and SHINHAN SWC Premium Professional Artist Grade

Insider details

  • I find ballcap bills to be extremely hard to draw, so I took photo reference of myself for these paintings
  • The captain hat's mascot is a reindeer, inspired by a reindeer plush I got from Tokyu Hands in Tokyo ~2012.
  • Their sense of organization is different
  • Jake is overall not really into wearing hats, but will wear it for tradition's sake, during public competition only (it gives him hat hair)

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The skintone here is a mix of red and ochre yellow from the pentel set. I put a bit more brown/blue in Austin's tone, and a bit more red undertone for Jake's.

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My scanner freaked out when I scanned the pictures. I was applying pressure on the scan bed to flatten out the ripples. When I didn't apply pressure to the scan bed, it scanned as normal.

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