I was on a long flight with no in-flight entertainment, so I continued to plot out a longer-form comic that I hope to slowly release online mid 2018. I feel adverse to the idea of doing weekly updates, so it's more likely that it will be chapter releases every couple months. It will be titled Here We Are. I have 8+ chapters outlined thus far!

The idea for the comic is neither epic or particulalry interesting; it starts with the relationship between Jake and Austin from FujoSports/Expired Seafood: Tied Up, and may eventually branch out from there. Not unlike my other comics, it is really all about the feelings that people experience in every day life.

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The name inspiration comes from Gloria Estefan's Here We Are.

I came to this realization that I pay for my own webhosting already, and that self-hosting my own blog means that I don't have to worry about the pesky ads on other free social media sites. This also gives me control over the ownership of the content that I put up. It might be a social suicide kind of thing to do, but I've never had that huge of a following on blogging platforms.

In previous iterations of my blogs, I also had the tendancy of keep art and thoughts separate, but I'm going to merge them together this time, since they were never separate thought processes to begin. It's going to be full-on unfiltered freetalk!

Hope you will check-in from time to time and stick around! Please comment and reach out, as usual :).