I filled out this meme by Gibby for Jake and Austin from HWA.

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We're living in pretty interesting times with COVID-19 in full swing, closed borders, people losing jobs, conventions cancellations, etc. Hope you are all doing as well as you can. Remember to take care of yourself and of others by practicing physical distancing, and helping others in need (financially, psychologically) if you have the means to do so.

Take care everyone!

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At first I was thinking about "year of the mouse/rat", and then I realized I had drawn comics about OCs within this decade, that had mouse and rat friends (haha, a wonderful coincidence)!! Then this picture happened...

OCs are:

YAH I know opossums aren't rodents but I draw them all with the same ENERGY and LOVE. Animal friends are the best!

Hope your 2020 starts with goodness and positivity!

Today's music post: The Right Kind of Love by Jeremy Jordan. I guess this Jeremy Jordan was a 1-hit wonder, but the singer/actor Jeremy Jordan is also very skilled and talented!

Been drawing OCs in firealpaca with lazy colouring! Why do I love glasses but am not very good at drawing them (cry).

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After doing the first couple, I realized I had an overabundance of male characters, so I gotta work on fleshing out the non-male characters more and try to carve out roles for them that occupy a larger piece of the pie. I don't know why I ended up with so many dude characters. I also want to do more research/reading on different cultural backgrounds to better capture their upbringings! This is why it's going to take me forever to draw a comic, haha. How do you balance the notion of "just make a thing" vs "take time to research the thing but get really deep into research"?

Miitomo service is ending... so for prosperity, I am uploading some of my amazing miitomo outit! Image description Image description Image description Image description Image description

Today's music post: Hey You by Cyndi Seui. Always get energy and positive vibes from his music!

Not ready for to actually draw the aforementioned comic, so here are some scenes for now!

Jake really likes to go to the aquarium, so he dragged Austin to go too. Austin's favourite past time is camping/hiking (always loving nature).

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WIP photos. The aquarium one is loosely inspired by my trip to Osaka Aquarium, specifically the "central" main stage pacific ocean tank with the whale shark! Originally both colours were going to share the same colour scheme, but it diverged at some point. I outlined the aquarium one with a fineliner because it felt too low contrast, but then I immediately regretted that decision.

I probably could have done more work to define shapes and increase contrast, but as soon as I rip the painter's tape off, it's over!

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Inaccurate colour scans.

I was listening to this 80s remix of Ariane Grande's "Into You" on repeat... too catchy! I don't even know what the original sounds like!