More recently I've been drawing character sheets for my own reference. It's nice to be able to look back at something for consistency sake. Just the act of drawing through a character sheet helps me problem solve and go into greater depth/build-up the character to have a bit more substance. Needing to consciously think about the fit and style of clothing, etc. makes me put myself into the characters mindset.

I enjoy making these, but the reality is that a lot of details will not necessarily bubble up to the surface in any story/comic... but it's a nice to have.

Here are some recent ones for Jake, Austin, and Ceilic, all drawn in Fire Alpaca! I like the animals parts the most, as you would expect...

Image description Image description Image description

Image description Image description Image description

IDK why but I'm always calling Austin Jake, instead of Austin. Maybe there's something very Jake about Austin's look? But conversely, Jake looks nothing like an Austin.

Image description Image description Image description

I originally wrote Ceilic's name as "Celic" in this picture, and wondered why it looked strange. I had to reread my own comic to find out the correct spelling. Amazing! I also found these amazing plush bears in armor while looking up scabbard reference to draw Ceilic. WORTH IT!

Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire expansion is coming out later this month. I haven't been playing it much, aside from when new episodes/stories are released. I've really struggled to keep up with all the game updates and am a really BAD player (bad as in, just button mash and don't play with much strategy or thought).

I do however, LOVE playing dressup and makeovers with my characters.

Image description Bloodgut, Filam, Pandr, Ceilic, Man, Olive


Ceilic was originally from Knight Life and now has a doppelganger in GW2. Pandr and Man started in GW2, but then influenced the creation of characters that now live in the same city as Ceilic.

Man Image descriptionImage description

The universe that these characters live in is a pretty generic "fantasy" world set in the past (e.g., before electricity and machines), and includes a lot of other characters. Some of them will never interact, but I like to think about what they're do if they did. Below are Emanon, Lateroc, and Edon, who are in a more high-fantasy european inspired part of the fantasy world.

Image description Image description Image description

And a southeast asia-inspired part as well, which is where the wuxia-influenced characters reside.

Image description Image description

I have two other universes as well; one is a plain modern day world, and the other is the animal/creature world! Though I think that the animal/creatures do mix with the humans in the plain modern day world. More on that, perhaps another time!