I filled out this meme by Gibby for Jake and Austin from HWA.

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We're living in pretty interesting times with COVID-19 in full swing, closed borders, people losing jobs, conventions cancellations, etc. Hope you are all doing as well as you can. Remember to take care of yourself and of others by practicing physical distancing, and helping others in need (financially, psychologically) if you have the means to do so.

Take care everyone!

It's October and my colleague asked me what I was going to be for Halloween. I told them that I'm not going to be anything, which is fairly typical from me because I usually don't have time for these things (and can't temper the desire to go DEEP/ALL IN with costumes).

This got me thinking about Here We Are characters and what costumes they'd wear. Here's Sabina as a witch/mage, and Jake as a vampire. I also had a sketch of Austin as a werewolf but didn't get that far. Was also laughing at the thought of Austin as a werewolf but maybe he just looks like a puppy dog (and the rest of the team makes fun of him for failing to look aggressive).

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I dubbed this as HWAlloween because bad word mashing is my favourite.

Today's music post: Standard by Empress Of

I just sent off my 12-pages for a short comic called REFRAME for Love Love Hill's next comic anthology, themed around COOKING + CRYING. It's a bit of a dramatic story, but I think it ends on a positive note! This comic features a mom and son. The mom also appears in It's Getting Hot in Here, while the son is a familiar face from Motivation, Concentration as well as Tie the Knot.

Worlds colliding! Everyone is connected! I'm unstoppable!!

Here's the sketch, inked, and toned version of the first page

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Some quick snapshots of my monitor as I was inking

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To be honest, I like drawing kids quite a lot. They are usually very expressive, so I get the chance to draw a wide range of expressions and make them say silly things!

Here's a timelapse of some digital inking (done in fire alpaca).

The comic anthology will be debuting at Toronto Comic Arts Festival in May 12-13, 2018!

Please look forward to it!

Today's music post: Shine on Me by Chris Dane Owens. I found out that the music video is going to become a full length film this year... I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!

Been drawing OCs in firealpaca with lazy colouring! Why do I love glasses but am not very good at drawing them (cry).

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After doing the first couple, I realized I had an overabundance of male characters, so I gotta work on fleshing out the non-male characters more and try to carve out roles for them that occupy a larger piece of the pie. I don't know why I ended up with so many dude characters. I also want to do more research/reading on different cultural backgrounds to better capture their upbringings! This is why it's going to take me forever to draw a comic, haha. How do you balance the notion of "just make a thing" vs "take time to research the thing but get really deep into research"?

Miitomo service is ending... so for prosperity, I am uploading some of my amazing miitomo outit! Image description Image description Image description Image description Image description

Today's music post: Hey You by Cyndi Seui. Always get energy and positive vibes from his music!

Looking at drawings from 10+ years ago and it doesn't really look stylistically that different from how I draw now...I just draw slightly more confidently now perhaps? And probably some general technical stuff I'm better at drawing (clothing and hands?). I still admire ppl a lot, but I'm also at the point where I've settled in to what I do artistically (even if that means I'm not the best).

I started to draw the comic mentioned before, Here We Are.

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Loosening up my inking after 2010 was a good idea I think, probably both visually and physically (for my hand).

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Some day I will also draw buildings better, haha!

Today's music post: It Ain't Fair (The Roots feat. Bilal). This song really reinforces all of the garbage that has been happening in the world... lyrics are here.