Finished and submitted the comic for the next Love Love Hill zine, Love Love Heels! It's a pretty short story compared to what I usually cook up.

(Cover WIP here)

Thumbnails in notebook

Image description

Larger thumbnails in fire alpaca

Image description

Inking in fire alpaca

Image description

Photoshop bitmap tones and test prints (600dpi, 70lpi round)

Image description

Please look forward to the comic in the fall!

Love Love Hill's next zine is the older lady counterpart of Expired Seafood! I'm drawing a quick short story for it, featuring the characters below. Big thanks to Papermaiden for planting the seed and inspired this story.

One of the characters above originally appeared in the Expired Seafood 1 anthology...!!!!!

We are going to debut it at Lake's International Comic Festival happening October 13-15 in Kendal (UK)!

Stay tuned!!

Image description Image description