I managed to finish OCeptember 2018, a prompt for original characters! It's compiled in a birdsite memory here, but I'm also posting it below to add TL;DR.

Day 1. Favourite OC(s)

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The loggersports crew. Not necessarily my favourites (I still haven't nailed the look/design of some of them) but most top of mind because of upcoming webcomic!

Day 2. Least loved OC(s)

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The detective crew. Least loved only relative to how little I draw them. Some of these characters are from 2003 or even earlier.

Day 3. Best buds

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Fake is originally from the detective stuff, while Jake is from the loggersport stuff. They were created in complete isolation, but at some point I made a decision to make them good friends (because they play MMORPGs and go to cons together).