Looking at drawings from 10+ years ago and it doesn't really look stylistically that different from how I draw now...I just draw slightly more confidently now perhaps? And probably some general technical stuff I'm better at drawing (clothing and hands?). I still admire ppl a lot, but I'm also at the point where I've settled in to what I do artistically (even if that means I'm not the best).

I started to draw the comic mentioned before, Here We Are.

Image description

Loosening up my inking after 2010 was a good idea I think, probably both visually and physically (for my hand).

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Some day I will also draw buildings better, haha!

Today's music post: It Ain't Fair (The Roots feat. Bilal). This song really reinforces all of the garbage that has been happening in the world... lyrics are here.

Whilst sick this weekend, I had some time to finally hunker down and read through what's available of the online webcomic, Novae, an LGBT+ historical romance comic steeped in mystery, necromancy and the wonders of the universe. I had the pleasure of meeting KaiJu at TCAF before. Everytime their work graces my timeline, I just feel a sense of delight because their work is so quietly beautiful, and both meticulous and simple. I honestly wish that I could draw and create stories like them! I can keep wishing...!

To pay tribute to their work, I drew one of the main characters, Sulvain. I really enjoy picking out the nuanced cultural details in the clothing and environment of Novae. Here is my feeble attempt of lifting the webcomic's current colour palette, into a quick illustration.

draft sketch



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Fire Alpaca and Photoshop

They also recently launched a Patreon, so if you are a fan of their work and would like to support them, please check it out! They also have a gumroad and some work available through Sparkler Monthly as well!