I think I'm on track to get the next small chapter of Here We Are (HWA) out. Here are some previews that I've been posting to masto (I even made my own hashtag huhuhu)...

Image description

Partway through I also got really into thinking about what they're going to wear during the different seasons.

Jake mainly wears b/w or neutrals, primarily no patterns and clean lines (minimalist).

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Austin mainly wears button-up shirts, tshirts, and belted pants. His style is primarily influenced by fuctional/durable workwear and cozy cabin/camping looks.

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Truth be told, the biggest motivation for posting is because I wanted to share today's music post (one of the strangely fun parts of blogging): Yussef Dayes X Alfa Mist - Love Is The Message (Live @ Abbey Road) ft.Mansur Brown & Rocco Palladino. Seeing musicians jam like this is really incredible...

Took a break from drawing some other stuff to draw more stuff, aka Fung from my visual novel game, Come For A Drink (CFAD).

It's nice to repurpose these background paintings haha. Image description

WIP below This sketch's face really doesn't get pulled through haha Image description Image description Image description

Fung's draft outfits...most of these got pulled through to some extent. I looked at a lot of modern wuxia/hanfu outfits for inspiration.

Image description

And these are some dev notes for CFAD...lots of potential spoilers? Image description

Today's music post: Stay Tuned by Suchmos.

Come For A Drink is my first game (ever) and also my first time using Ren'Py, a visual novel engine. I was pleasantly impressed with all the features available (especially the tutorial game packaged with the engine), however, I struggled with the official documentation, because I'm a python/game making newbie, overall it wasn't visual enough for me (a visual learner), and I also struggled to understand, architecturally, how all the rpy files worked together (or separately) when packaged.

Here's a quick visual tutorial on making a gallery in Ren'Py 7.0. Galleries are a nice way to track your progress in game (if you have multiple endings) and/or show off that fancy CG you made that would otherwise only be seen for a split second during game play.

Please note that I'm NOT an expert, I don't understand all this code, but this is working code that is in my game! It is the result of a lot of uninformed trial and error.